Dr. Nancy Isabel Corona De la O

Graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California in 2004 with a specialty in Orthodontics; This specialty was carried out at the Center for Studies and Research in Orthodontics culminating in 2009.

Dra. Nancy Isabel

Corona De la O

Egresada de Universidad Autónoma de Baja California en el 2004 con especialidad en Ortodoncia; dicha especialidad fue realizada en el Centro de Estudios E Investigación en Ortodoncia culminada en el año 2009.

Bellezza Dental & Spa was born with the intention of offering the possibility of having a beautiful smile and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the same place.

Bellezza Dental & Spa es una empresa que nace con la intención de ofrecer en un mismo lugar la posibilidad de una hermosa sonrisa y mantener un estilo de vida saludable.


We are a company focused on the integral well-being of our patients, offering all kinds of treatments to maintain and recover oral health, with the best specialists in the fields of dentistry; in addition to providing them with a space to pamper themselves and relax since we understand the harmony of a beautiful smile and physical well-being; all this by offering quality services and materials.


Bellezza Dental & Spa aims to be a leading company in the field of dentistry, providing the best services, as well as pampering our clients with cosmetic and spa treatments.

Company Values

  • Responsibility: We strive to be constantly updating our staff for the best treatment of all our patients.
  • Honesty: We offer the treatments that best suit our patients according to the needs of each one, in addition to charging just enough for our services.
  • Teamwork: Our staff is in constant communication to treat our patients comprehensively.