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Dr. Nancy


Dr. Nancy Corona: 20+ years of making smiles shine! From braces to beaming confidence, she’s your smile expert, here to give you the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always wanted. Ready to rock your braces journey? Dr. Corona’s got you covered!

How Can I Start My Treatment?

Your smile journey is unique, influenced by factors like dental condition, goals, and treatment preferences.

Orthodontic treatments typically last around 18 months, with some simpler ones lasting

7 to 12 months, and more complex ones requiring 24 to 36 months

At Bellezza Dental, our aesthetic orthodontic specialists offer personalized solutions.

We analyze your smile, provide tailored recommendations, and address alignment, gaps, or overall appearance. Plus, we offer flexible financing, making your dream smile achievable.


We are located inside one of the best squares in the city of Tijuana, Alameda Otay Town Center. Just 10 minutes away from the border.

Alameda Otay Town Center is a mixed-use regional development, unique in the city of Tijuana where you can find hotels, cinema, restaurants, cafes, gym, pharmacy, and more!




75 USD

Down Payment

This includes Dental cleaning + Braces installation

50 USD

Monthly comprehensive braces maintenance, including wire and band adjustments.